Top Web Trends of 2015

That today, the phrase “we live in a digital age”  has become as commonplace as “water boils at 100℃”, tells a lot about how far man has come in the technological sphere. In most parts of the world, a life without our electronic devices, without the web, without the comforts a button can bestow, is simply inconceivable. Today’s enterprises thrive on this ‘mature innovation’, reaching beyond everything. There is no limit.

The internet affords this luxury – businesses rise and fall on waves of which the internet surfers – or the customers – have total dominion over. But what makes a website tick? In this digital age, what do our veteran customers, so hard to astonish, want? Here’s the first lot of a two-part post dedicated to the trends which promise a prosperous 2015 for all web hosts out there.

Mobile Focus

Here’s something for the numerically inclined; from a recent Google Survey, 48% of users feel that if a business website did not work well on their mobile devices, it simply meant that the company could not care less about their business. This might come as a shock to the businesses who have yet to invest  in a proper web platform. Ever since Smart Phones started being what they were in fact called after, your business automatically became mobile. Keeping up with the times has simply become another way of showing you respect your customer’s lifestyle.

85% of adults believe that the mobile version of the website should look better than the browser-based one. This is not surprising when most web analytics will show the sheer volume of users accessing a website from their mobile devices. If this does not convince you yet: 57% of consumers will not recommend a company with a bad mobile website and 67% of consumers are more likely to buy from a mobile friendly website. Mobile is the way to go.


Meet Parallex. Previously referring to a 2D effect used on video games, parallex on the web is the stimulating and engaging effect of using multiple visual layers to create a 3D effect. The background moves slower than the foreground, thus giving your web page that extra edge the user expects. It also allows the web developer to be creative – guide users to a Call of Action or direct their focus to the brand name for instance – whilst being pleasing to the eye at the same time. Parallex seems set to give 2015 a whole make over – one which speaks of elegance and style.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite Scrolling should be another interactive trick up your sleeve. This feature allows you to put as much content on the same page as you desire; as the user scrolls, more content is uploaded as he or she reaches the bottom. Apart from being eye-catching, infinite scrolling solves the problem 66% of mobile users encounter: that a website takes too long to load. This little trick saves on loading times as it allows the website to load content little by little. This “one page fits all” layout is also perfect for the simple fact that website visitors scroll 76% of the time – thus maximizing their time, and your effort. Since the arrival of touch screens, scrolling has become second nature, while users click only when necessity dictates. The well known phrase ‘making the most of your time’ takes on a whole new meaning with Infinite Scrolling.


Etienne Borg

Managing Director & Co-Founder Of Webee Ltd


Stay Tuned for the second part of Web Trends of 2015