Running a succesful Web Design Company in Malta

Excess, Clutter and Overhead.

Upon graduating from University as an Electrical Engineer,  I luckily landed a job with International Business Machines.  IBM as it is more commonly known, is a great company; having over 435,000 employees worldwide; more than the entire Maltese population, and the revenue is more than 10 times Malta’s GDP – it has been at the forefront of technological innovation from the beginning of the computer age.  Throughout my time at IBM, I understood that albeit a big and very resource rich company, IBM lacked the very basic properties, and setup to service the local businesses in Malta.  Maltese small business worked better with small, cost-effective and lean setups.

The 400k problem.

Malta’s majority of businesses are small, employing somewhere between two and fifty people.  None of these companies afford paying tens of thousands of euros on a website; nor is it commercially viable to spend so much if they did afford it.  The audience in Malta is equally small; a mere 400,000 population, of which, maybe 40,000 will actually view you website.  In web, a website targeting 400k or 4mln, or 40mln people will cost approximately the same amount of money to develop and design.  Web Hosting will vary in cost, but the actual work needed to make a beautiful site functional and working is approximately same.  This makes the cost to develop a website for a local small business hard to justify.

Our Ethos. Small is Beautiful.

Webee Web Design Malta was setup to cater precisely for these small companies.  We setup the business on one core principle: being the best cost-effective Web Design company in Malta for Small Businesses.  How we do it:

  • we encourage working from home; teleworking using Skype and other modern tools available to keep costs low
  • we work on weekends, evenings and nights if needed on a flexi-time system making us highly accessible
  • we have a big team of developers available allowing us to scale up to as many as forty projects at one go with relative easy
  • we are a very mobile, and flexible entity capable of adjusting to specific custom requirements
  • we have a freelance design team.  Freelance designers are just better and can be chosen specifically based on client tastes
  • we have the best prices in the market
  • we have the fastest delivery time in the market
  • we are passionate about the web and about making the web work for you and your business


Roderick Bartolo

Director and Co-Founder of both Webee Ltd and Red Skios Ltd